Drake is presently on tour with 21 Savage on the It’s All A Blur. The trip began two nights ago in Chicago, Illinois. As a result, the tour will stop in Detroit this weekend before covering the rest of North America. Overall, the first two evenings were a huge success. This tour has drawn tens of thousands of people. Furthermore, they have benefited from some of Drizzy’s biggest songs. When he goes on tour, he delivers a slew of incredible tunes, and he’s not stopping now.

Yesterday, we reported on how Drake was the latest artist to have a phone thrown at him. Thankfully, the artist was not injured. Instead, he just played the whole thing off and kept it pushing. However, on Thursday night, he had something much different thrown at him. Below, you can see a video from the tour in which a woman threw her bra at the legendary artist. Of course, Drake noticed right away and decided to inspect the bra in front of thousands of fans.

Drake Has A Moment

drake says if you’re gonna throw anything on the stage make it bras only #IAABtour pic.twitter.com/V6835ciati

— ㅤ (@oliviabeger) July 7, 2023

“Let me see what you’re working with,” Drake joked upon picking up the bra. Who threw this? That’s you? 36 double D. That’s some knocks, I ain’t gon’ lie.”

The entire crowd got quite a kick out of this interaction. Drake is someone who knows how to entertain people, and he can improv pretty well on a dime. It was impressive, to say the least, and it is yet another reason why you should try and go to his tour. Although, expect the prices to be astronomical.