Marginalization Of Igbos In Nigeria Very Alarming! – Paul Play Dairo


Legendary singer, Paul Play Dairo has stated that if the marginalisation of Igbos continues in the country, that a break-up is around the corner.

Although Paul Play Dairo, hails from the Yoruba, nation, insisted that other Nigerians should put themselves in the shoes of igbos.

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He warned that to avoid violence in Nigeria, all tribes should be treated fairly.
See his post below;

”I LOVE THIS COUNTRY , I can never choose another country over my country . I am Yoruba but I love all Nigerians , no matter the tribe . My career enjoyed more patronage in the east and south and North more than the west where I am from .
I am grateful for the opportunities all Nigerians gave me to have a shot at stardom and popularity . I don’t take that for granted , in fact I remain grateful for the rest of my life .

However TRUTH MUST BE TOLD , without fear or favour , without care about whose ox is gored . I know some will come out and say this should not be on the basis of tribe .
Yes but I analyse issues by putting myself in the shoes of those who feel cheated . It’s like having two of my friends with me and we are eating from a plate after being hungry for days . Then my friends are busy eating while they hold my hands and they keep telling me they’re eating for me . Please think about it .

See post below Marginalization Of Igbos In Nigeria Very Alarming! – Paul Play Dairo