See Surprising Amount American Hip Hop mogul, Beyonce Charges For Performance

Music is a very powerful paying career choice but how many can make it to the superstar level?. Yes that is were all the money comes in both in performance, endorsements and collaborations.

Several sources have confirmed that the iconic hip-hop gem, Beyonce now charges a tally of $24 million to perform per hour.

The surprising amount was announced by her team after they had pulled the greatest crowd in Dubai with over $24 million enrolled on their contract.

Despite the pressure of the saga, during her recent show in Dubai, Beyonce was spotted all chilled as she performed amid over 1000 fans wailing her name in total bliss as they enjoyed her musical qualities with full influence.

The breakdown of this huge currency in Naira has spanned to a tally of N17 billion paid fully in her account according to the hours she exceeded.